You’re Equipped With

I am flesh and blood, and vision.
– J O N I M I T C H E L L

What is human life made of? People have been slicing and dicing it all sorts of ways for a reallly long time. Taking my sensory lived experience as the starting point, here is my take on it.


We’re equipped with:

  • Body

  • Senses

  • Will

Fig. A — You’re sailing along in your wonderful life

Fig. B — And sometimes it looks like this

Fig. B — And sometimes it looks like this



aka The Basket
Physically existing, tangible.

It can carry you. It can break apart. No pressure! ^_^


aka The Balloon
All the phenomena that land on your perception.

Everything from the five senses—vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell—and beyond.

Sensing within your own body—hunger, thirst, pain, cravings, satisfaction, desires.

Even thoughts, ideas, emotions, intuitions, and vibes come to us via our senses.


aka The Fire
Your most essential drive in any given moment.

When you peel away your senses, there is something intangible that feels different—it’s not landing on your perceptions and announcing itself like a thought or feeling. It’s been inside you, quiet, and kind of neutrally awaiting excavation. Or maybe it’s screaming. Or cooing sweetly. Experiences vary.

Anyway, when you sort through your senses and land on your actual will, nothing else can compete because this is the thing. Compared to the swirl of perceived senses, will is a still, deep, central knowing.

the tricky thing

Sometimes a problem in one area can be solved by addressing another area.


For example: When your senses overwhelm you or drag you down, it might be because your will went out.


When your will fills and fuels your senses >
The thoughts, feelings, and ideas that come to you become more useful and helpful. Life makes sense. You almost forget that misery will happen again.


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