tender human
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My name is Maya Eilam. My heart is on my sleeve and my soul is in my website. I live in New York City and most days I sing as I walk down the street. One time someone said, “Excuse me, I thought you were a flute!” My favorite thing someone said to me recently is, “Are you real?” Yes, I am. Very, very real. And I design virtual experiences that touch people from head to heart.


Life is visceral, embodied, somatic. Why shouldn’t websites be?

I pay close attention to how it feels to experience things in real life, and then I create web experiences that are even better. I design for all the senses, especially the sense inside—the curious one, the decision-maker.



Tender Human is where I explore softening.
What do you need the world to see?

I design for purpose-driven people and creatively expressive projects, and I make your message really land. My medium is microsites because of these 10 reasons. I can design for you if the fit is right.


Want the Tender treatment?


(It’s so much better than a thread of emails.)

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Top 10 reasons
why a new
microsite is a
genius move:



Go for impact. It’s all the good stuff without the outdated web baggage to weigh it down.


You can actually make it amazing.


Nimble. Malleable. Start fresh.


Social media presence is only piecemeal. A pic here, a video there, bits of story everywhere.
It can all come together in one place and time in a dynamic and curated microsite.


People will drool over it.


Engaging. Engrossing. Immersive.
When people come to your microsite they are in your world.
Give them a tour and a chance to discover something real.


When was the last time you fell in love with a website?
Standard web design is losing its power.


Be different.


You want the stuff dreams are made of.


Your chance is right here.