tender human
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Maya Eilam
New York City

1. I’m a human artist.
2. My subject is softening.
3. My medium is websites.



Life is visceral, embodied, somatic. Why shouldn’t websites be?

I pay close attention to how it feels to experience things in real life, and then I create web experiences that are just as real. I design for all the senses, especially the inner sense—the curious one, the guide inside.



What do you need the world to experience?

My team of 3 at COMMIT generates:

  • strategy

  • branding

  • website

We do it in:

  • a day

  • a weekend

  • a week

Our process is revolutionary (and people really love it). We do it with presence and deep genius.

Pricing is in the ballpark of $4K–$12K for our main offerings. Have a call with me, human to human, to see if it’s a fit.




Want the Tender treatment?

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