tender human

Film photography by artist Bruce Polin.


“Love is touching souls…
Surely you touched mine.”

– JONI MITCHELL, “A Case of You”


Maya Eilam
Brooklyn, NY

My art is touching souls, online and in person.

Communicating digitally with people takes something special — emotional imagination. Feeling into how something will land on the minds and hearts and attention of the audience you’re trying to reach — this is crucial.

Also crucial: listening. I sit down with you to really understand your goals, the current landscape, and what you want for the future. Then I create your branding, website, and materials to evoke and support that.

To me, you are an essential collaborator. Together we spark the best possible solutions: they feel right, look phenomenal, and they work.


By the way,

I have an A.O.S. in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute, 2012, and a B.A. in Women’s & Gender Studies and English from The College of New Jersey, 2006.



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