tender human

Large format film photography by Bruce Polin.


Maya Eilam
Brooklyn, NY

1. I’m a human artist.
2. My subject is softening.
3. My medium is lived experience.


We need room for our humanity in our in-person and digital experiences—that is nourishing.

I’m here for my inner voice every day, and that’s how I can be here for yours. I want to touch souls the way the artists and folks I’ve loved have touched mine.

Karaoke, eye contact, and deep conversation are my favorite analog media. Visuals, webdesign, and Instagram stories are my favorite digital media. I can meet with you in person and make you a website you’ll love.





I have an A.O.S. in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute, 2012, and a B.A. in Women’s & Gender Studies and English from The College of New Jersey, 2006. I learn from the people around me and the nudges inside me every day and night.



What do you need the world to experience? Do you have an idea, a business, a message, a play?

I create:

  • Strategy

  • Branding

  • Websites

  • Visuals

It takes:

  • 2 days

  • And it’s fun

With my collaborators, Hallie Easley (L) + Evan Sargent (R).  timetocommit.co

With my collaborators, Hallie Easley (L) + Evan Sargent (R). timetocommit.co


You & I

IF YOUR NEEDS ARE, LIKE, PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD, I can work with you 1-on-1 in person to create a customized Squarespace site. You get the essentials, with sensitivity: a strategy chat, an inspired visual style that feels right, and a site that flows and works for you. You bring the wording and your best photos. We’ll craft your site and launch it in an afternoon, or two. Pricing is $750–$1500 for this creation process, and about $150/year for your Squarespace. This is great if you need a lightweight site but you don’t want to go it alone—and you want an expert to take you there quickly and well, with love and ease and a breeze.


My Team

IF YOU NEED A TEAM TO THINK THROUGH THE TERRAIN, chart a strategic path, and build a brand that positions you to communicate fully and effectively, I bring on my collaborators at Commit. We gel and create together with you in person, or remotely, to make your work really land. This is perfect for launching or upleveling a solo-preneur business, communicating a world-changing idea, demystifying the new and emerging, setting yourself up for thought leadership, or powerfully positioning a new brand or campaign.

Pricing is $7.5K–$11.5K to work with the Commit team. It includes: a strategic deep-dive, ideation, branding, a custom logo, a professional photo shoot, and primary messaging—all developed artfully and thoughtfully into a customized Squarespace website. Time: 1 strategy call + 1 day. We call it Your Big Day. It creates a new foundation for moving forward that transforms your experience of your life’s work. And it’s a nourishing, skyrocketing experience.


Want the Tender treatment?

Have a call with me, human to human, to see if working together is a fit. Ask me your questions and I’ll show you the way through this website territory I know and love.

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