My name is Maya Eilam. My heart is on my sleeve and my soul is in my website. I live in New York City and most days I sing as I walk down the street. One time someone said, “Excuse me, I thought you were a flute!” My favorite thing someone said to me recently is, “Are you real?” Yes, I am. Very, very real. And I design virtual experiences that touch people from head to heart.


Life is visceral, embodied, somatic. Why shouldn’t websites be?

I pay close attention to how it feels to experience things in real life, and then I create web experiences that are even better. I design for all the senses, especially the sense inside—the curious one, the decision-maker.



Tender Human is where I explore softening.
What do you need the world to see?

I design for purpose-driven people and creatively expressive projects, and I make your message really land. My medium is microsites because of these 10 reasons. I can design for you if the fit is right.